Social Bookmarking – Week Four

Diigo: This looks really handy. Being at Uni at the moment on a Uni Computer I cant use all of the features. But from the instructions and guide to using Diigo it looks really useful. Being able to bookmark and highlight certain areas of information and text will make finding thoes awesome quotes that you have read once and want to use in a future piece of writing incredibly easy.

I’m hoping that I have got the right idea of Diigo from what I have looked at so far! I will have to have another look at it tonight and see if it’s what I am imagining. 🙂

Just having a second look at Diigo now. It seems like a great program. Very useful to record pieces of informationinto the library and makes it so easy to come back and reread a certain passage without searching through sites to find what you found the day before (which I know I do far too often). And it is very easy to use, which is great for people like me that find it difficult to use programs that have more than a few steps to achieve and outcome.

In the classroom I think Diigo could  be successfully used in an upper primary classroom when  reseaching for projects. The beauty of Diigo in the classroom would be the time saved by students being able to relocate information at a click of the mouse instead of searching and looking at every site that they ‘think’ could be the one that was useful.  


JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO ADD STICKY NOTES!!!! (A bit slow on the uptake :-O) How great is this???!!! (Also how to put pictures into my blog :-D)



RSS – Week Three

First impression: “Ah what?!”

I’ve got no idea what this is…. I’ve never seen it, or maybe I have and just ignored it because I wouldn’t use it.

Well time to look at this further and try and make some sense of it all!!

To be continued…….

I think I’ve made a start, I’m not sure if it’s right though….. I’ve subscribed to a few sites through the RSS option on the sites, but not through Google Reader. Did we have to use Google Reader? The sites have saved in my favourites under Feeds. And Google Reader is not really wanting to be my friend. Copying the links isn’t working at all for me, I’m getting error every time 🙁

OK….. I think I’ve figured this out 🙂 I’ve now got a working Google Reader page that is giving me a live feed from a few different sites. Namely Racing Victoria and Ebay hahaha…. well its a start!!!

Reflecting on the weeks task

Just to keep track of the content we are covering in the unit I’m going to blog about each week. It’s not overly interesting but I figure it will help me file the information from the unit and also give me practice in blogging.

I’m using questions directly from the criteria for assignment 1 in the EST430 Unit Guide.

Week 2: Edublog

  • Where and how you could use these tools in a classroom (AND) How teachers and/or students could use these tools

I think edublog could be used in the classroom in a varity of contexts, from something simple as having students use it as a type of diary or journal for recording thoughts or experiences that they have had. I would include it in a literacy-writing block once a week either on a Monday for recording weekend activities or on a Friday to reflect on the week at school. The bonus of this is that the teacher can read and reply to each student online, making a the lesson completely immersed  in ICT.   

  • What implications does the use of these tools have for the curriculum

VELS standards for information and communication technology in the area of ‘ICT for Communicating’ states that students work towards having the ability to experiement and idendifty different communication methods and select a mode that is suited to the situation by the completion of primary school. Using a mode such as edublog in the classroom is an effective way of introducing a safe and approved site to students to improve their knowledge and experience in blogging and internet communication. 

  • What implications does the use of these tools have for pedagogy


  • What are the positives associated with use of these tools

Edublog is a student-safe site that students can use as an introduction to blogging and internet based communication.

  • What are the negatives associated with use of these tools

May take focus and use off the Ultranet which is aimed at being the public school systems ICT tool.

  • Why or why not would you continue to use these tools in your classroom

I would use edublog as an example of a communication tool on the internet in the classroom. I would use it on a continual basis if it proved to be user-friendly and students found it engaging.

My first every blog

I’m not really sure how all this works so I’ll use this as a test blog……

Well I guess I’ll start with a bit about me; I’m a fourth year education student at Warrnambool. I’m on my last set of teaching rounds at the moment, which is really exciting.

I’ve never used a blog, twitter, or gmail (but I do have facebook) and I don’t own a ipod or any video gaming device. My huge lack of knowledge in ICT is the reason why I have chosen this unit!!! Any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated, I’ve already yelled at my computer several times just trying to set this up.


Hello world!

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